Gangsta – Episode 1 – Reaction

So for starters, this anime was my pick and not my fiance’s, which you would think it would be the other way around. I picked this anime on a whim due to the fact that I do occasionally love to read a good yakuza romance manga, so I thought why not give the show a shot. The anime’s intro began and our jaws dropped. So many girls in revealing clothing! My first thought was, “Oh my god this anime is going to be too ecchi for me.” However when the actual episode started my opinion changed. Yes the women in the show are in revealing clothes and do occasionally show more skin than I’d like, but I can look past that. After all it is a story about gangsters and drug dealers who run brothels.

To summarize the overall plot of the anime for those of you who have never heard of it. The anime follows two men named Nicolas Brown and Worick Arcangelo who work as “handymen” in the underworld of Ergastulum, which is full of drug dealers, prostitutes, dirty cops and gangsters. Nicolas and Worick take on the jobs that the mafia and the police can’t handle.

The animation style of Gangsta is beautiful and reminds me of Death Parade‘s style. The characters are all interesting and unique. Not to mention Worick and Nicolas are sexy as hell. Nicolas reminds me of a much older Levi from Attack on Titan. Both men are complete badasses and this makes me wonder if they aren’t exactly human. The fight scenes were pretty great. I found myself sucked and engaged in these scenes. I was literally cheering them on or laughing at the crazy stunts they pulled.

If you can not handle a bit of animated blood or needless violence, then pass on this anime. But if you can handle these things, or if the don’t phase you at all, then give this anime a shot. I know I am really looking forward to watching the upcoming episodes.


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