Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 1- Reaction

Snow White with the Red Hair was not what I expected when I began watching it. I was half expecting the anime to following the story line of the original fairy tale of Snow White. When I asked my fiance if he wanted to watch the first episode with me (because you need to give everything a chance at least once right?) he grumbled and wanted to put it off till later that evening. So I patiently waited and after dinner we plopped down on our couch and turned on the show.

The anime follows a young girl named Shirayuki who was born with red hair and works as a herbalist in her village. Because of her red hair, Shirayuki is being pursued by a local foolish prince who’s wish is to have the fairest maiden of them all, and demands she become his concubine. In order to protect herself from a life of restricted freedom, Shirayuki runs away. To prevent spoiling the rest of the plot for those of you who have yet to see it, I will end my summary here because that is the basis of it.

My first impression of the anime, was that it was extremely beautiful. I find it so astounding how much animation has improved over a mere decade or so. I still look back at old Sailor Moon episodes and wonder how impressive it used to look to a 5 year old me. The show is filled with fairy tale references, including poisoned apples, magic mirrors (kind of) and dwarf references that are just noticeable enough to make you smirk.The characters are enjoyable and believable. Shirayuki is not portrayed as a helpless maiden who needs a man to save her. She is a strong independent woman who can take care of herself and knows what she wants in life. However she is also kind and deeply cares for those around her. The prince’s character was portrayed well and he definitely was one of those characters that you love to hate. Half of the episode I was hoping that someone would stab him because he was being such a dick.

Overall I really enjoyed the first episode of the anime. I am looking forward to watching future episodes. If you enjoy a fantasy shoujo romance anime that is sweet but quirky at the same time, then give this anime a shot. I know you won’t regret it because I didn’t.


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