Aoharu X Kinkanjuu – Episode 1 – Reaction

Aoharu x Kikanjuu or as I like to call it, the badass version of Ouran High School Host Club. When I saw Crunchyroll had a new updated series for the Summer season, I thought I’d give it a shot. I had remembered hearing about an anime about a cross dressing girl who constantly gets mistaken for a boy. Honestly I’ve always loved a good gender bender anime/manga anyways. As per usual, I didn’t read the entire summary like I should’ve to find out what the entire basis of the anime was about. So future note to self: be sure to read the entire summary before watching a show. Not that it would’ve changed my opinion of this show, but it would’ve gotten me more excited than I already was.

Meet Hotaru Tachibana, a cross dressing high school girl who has a strong sense of right and wrong, and just happens to be the class president of her high school. Not many people know Hotaru’s true identity except for her friend and classmate Kanae Yajima. Hotaru is constantly on the look out for evil-doers and will stop at nothing to protect the innocent, including picking fights with those deemed evil. During one such incident Hotaru runs into Masmune Matsuoka who mistakes her for a boy and forces her to join his survival game team “Toy Gun Gun”.

The anime’s intro sequence is intense and makes the show look even more badass. The intro theme song is catchy and fits the mood of the show perfectly. At first I found Hotaru’s character strange, but towards the end of the first episode, I felt differently. Hotaru is not pretending to be a boy on purpose, she just is often mistaken for one due to the way she dresses and how she looks. She is extremely strong for a female (like freakishly strong) and she uses it to protect those she cares about. I absolutely love Masmune! He reminds me so much of Tamaki from Ouran, but is a more mature/grown up version. The animation was visually pleasing and I had not complaints about it. The fight scenes were epic and done very well. They were made to look intense and extraordinary.

Overall I was very pleased with the pilot episode of Aoharu X Kikanjuu. If you loved Ouran High School Host Club due to Haruhi’s crossing dressing and the populations inability to distiguish between girls and good looking men, then this anime is for you. Also if you just love a good comedy anime with a touch of badass toy gun play, then give this anime a chance. I am looking forward to watching the rest of the season of this show and possibly seeing Masmune shirtless! 😉


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