30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 1

I was browsing Pinterest the other day (it’s a needless obsession really) and I came across the following photo. I figured why not give it a shot. It will give me something to write about for the next 30 days AND it will help you guys get to know me better. So for the next 30 days I will be doing the 30 day Anime Challenge.


Today is Day 1 of the Anime Challenge. The topic is the very first anime you watched. Well when I was 5 years old I watched Sailor Moon and Pokemon, little did I know I was watching anime. I actually had no clue what anime was at that age. So since those two went right over my head, I want to discuss the first anime I watched when I began “officially” watching anime 3 years ago. How I began watching is a completely separate story that I will get into eventually in another blog post. But for now lets discuss the “first” anime I ever watched. Drum roll please………..


Ouran High School Host Club!!!!!!

Yes this was the first anime I ever watched. My fiance suckered me into it. At the time I was skeptical and used to tease him for his anime obsession. I also refused to watch anything that wasn’t Dubbed in English at the time. Sigh…what a silly naive girl I was. Some how my fiance got me to watch Ouran, and boy did I fall in love hard and fast. It was hard for me, a stubborn Taurus so stuck in her ways, to give into something that society and my friends considered weird. However, once I began watching it I couldn’t stop. I made my fiance watch it with me every day after work/school. For the next week I was seated on the couch binge watching Ouran on my off time.

Must Watch More Ouran!!!!
Must Watch More Ouran!!!!

As I sit here, I’m trying to consider what was going through my head watching that anime. It’s hard to remember a thought you had a few years prior. I can only imagine that I fell in love with the humor of the show, the characters and the story line, all the reasons I love it now. I really feel it’s a show that even non-anime lovers could come to love if they just give it a chance.

So there you have it, the very “first” anime I ever watched was Ouran High School Host Club. Feel free to leave me a comment on what the first anime you ever watched was!



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