30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 3

Yay for 3 days in a row! I must say I’m rather proud of myself. So if you can’t tell by the title, today is another post for the 30 day anime challenge. The subject for today is: Favorite Male Character Ever……oh dear lord this will be hard. Every time I watch an Anime, I end up falling in love with at least one male character. They end up being, as I like to term it to my fiance, my “anime” husband. Yay for fictional boyfriends! And I have to give it to my fiance because when I get a taste of something I like, such as a hot male character, I go into crazy fan girl obsession mode. I literally obsess over these characters for months on end, it’s really bad. So choosing my favorite male character is going to be extremely hard for me due to the fact that I am also rather indecisive and would rather have more options than just one. However this challenge doesn’t seem to have any rules that I know of, so I don’t see the harm in discussing my top three. Now in no way shape or form does this mean I am ranking them, I am simply saying there are three anime guys that I obsess over and can not choose only one to nominate as my favorite. So in other words they all win! Yay for sharing! Okay I need to end this rant and get to the point of this post. Alright on to the first nominee.

Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji


I freakin love Sebastian! God everything he does make me fan girl, its bad. I can say that I am so obsessed with him that I have gone as far as buying a plushy version of him, buying a T-shirt with him on it AND spending hours reading fan fiction wishing he was real. I’ve got it bad!


So what are the reasons I love Sebastian? Well he’s is sexy as hell (no pun intended :p), that’s a given. He is a total bad ass who could kill you with his pinky (no joke). He also can be a proper British gentleman at times (when he wants something that is). Sebastian’s character is also very complex. At first you view him as a normal butler, then as a demon. At times you think he really cares for Ciel, but then you have to remember he is a demon who hasn’t eaten a soul in god knows how long, and is preparing Ciel’s soul so that it becomes the ultimate meal to curb his insatiable hunger. Maybe it’s just the fan girl in me that wants him to love Ciel, but I don’t care. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Levi – Attack on Titan/ Shingenki no Kyojin


Oh Captain Levi how I adore you! He’s blunt, to the point and hates people. He likes to keep his place clean, but doesn’t mind getting down and dirty when it comes to cleaning up some titans. While most people would claim Eren is their favorite character on Attack on Titan, my vote would be for Levi all the way. At first you think he is a complete and utter asshole. I mean come on he’s grumpy and beats the shit out of people! Who would want a captain like that? But at the same time you have to look at where he came from and why he has become the way he is? I won’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t watched Attack on Titan or the Ova about Levi’s back story, but both are definitely a must watch. Levi truly cares about his men and their well being. I can only imagine that every time one dies, he takes it personally because he couldn’t protect them. He may be a hard ass but he only wants them to survive and not take the titans lightly. And lastly one of the main reasons why I love Levi is because he is also sexy as hell. Great criteria for picking favorites right? Maybe this post should just have been which male anime characters I would like to bang. Well on to the final man.


Rin Mitsuoka – Free! Iwatobi Swim Club


While most girls would vote for the other guys in Free, I pick Rin. At first I wasn’t sure about his character when I began watching the show, but I grew to love him. Reason 1: He’s a fine specimen. I mean have you seen his freakin abs? If you haven’t here’s a picture.


Reason 2: He only acts tough. Rin is not tough cookie. How many times has he cried on this show (which I also find oddly adorable)? Rin’s appearance makes him scary, and his sharp teeth only add to that factor, but he really is truly sensitive. He loves his friends and he loves swimming. He only wants to swim with Haru and make his father proud. In order to do these things, he had to grow up from being a cry baby to a tough guy who occasionally cries when no one is looking. And lastly I love Rin because of how committed he is to his friends and swimming. You thought Haru loved swimming? Rin went half way around the world so that he could improve his swimming. He left his friends, his family and the only life he had ever known to follow his dreams. Most of us only dream of doing such things.


So those are my three favorite male anime characters. Feel free to comment on your thoughts on them, the post or who your favorites are. 🙂


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